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Feature List

Feature Full Free
Translation  ✔
 Multi-language support via .po/.mo files  ✔
Calendar  ✔
 Weekly calendar view for each service provider  ✔
 Week selection  ✔
 Daily calendar view for all service providers  ✔
 Date/day selection  ✔
 List of staff members displayed on the calendar  ✔
 Add new appointment  ✔
 Edit appointment  ✔
 Edit booking details  ✔
Appointments  ✔
 Appointments date range  ✔
 Setting delimiter  ✔
 Export appointments list to CSV  ✔
 Sorting by certain criteria (Booking Time; Staff Member; Customer Name; Service; Duration; Price)  ✔
 Delete appointment from the list  ✔
Staff members  ✔
 Create new staff member  ✔
 Delete staff member  ✔
 Staff members arrangement view  ✔
 Staff member personal/contact details  ✔
 Staff member user role  ✔
 Staff member photo  ✔
 Google calendar integration for each staff member  ✔
 Individual service list for each service provider  ✔
 Individual price list for each service provider  ✔
 Service capicity for each service provider  ✔
 Individual schedule for each service provider  ✔
 Individual working breaks for each service provider  ✔
 Individual ‘Days off’ calendar for each service provider  ✔
 Unlimited number of service providers  ✔
Services  ✔
 Create new category  ✔
 Delete category  ✔
 Edit category title  ✔
 Categories arrangement view  ✔
 Create new service  ✔
 Delete service  ✔
 Edit service title  ✔
 Services arrangement view  ✔
 Marking color for each service  ✔
 Duration for each service  ✔
 Price for each service  ✔
 Capacity for each service  ✔
 Staff members list for each service  ✔
 Assign service to category  ✔
 Unlimited number of services  ✔
Customers  ✔
 Create a new customer  ✔
 Import customer list  ✔
 Delete customer  ✔
 Edit customer data  ✔
 Sort by customer data  ✔
 Appointments and payments statistics for each customer  ✔
 Quick customer search  ✔
 Add new customer directly from the calendar  ✔
Notifications  ✔
 Sender’s details  ✔
 Notification to customer about appointment details  ✔
 Notification to staff member about appointment details  ✔
 Notification to staff member about appointment cancellation  ✔
 Notification to customer about their WordPress user login details  ✔
 Notification to administrators about appointments  ✔
 Evening reminder to customer about next day appointment  ✔
 Follow-up message on the day after appointment  ✔
 Evening notification with the next day agenda to staff member  ✔
 Text formatting tools  ✔
 Tags/shortcodes support  ✔
 Visual edit mode  ✔
 Text edit mode  ✔
Payments  ✔
 Payment date range  ✔
 Filtering within certain criteria (payment method; customer; service provider; service)  ✔
 Sorting by certain criteria (date; type; customer; service provider; service; amount; coupon; appointment date)  ✔
 View payment reports  ✔
Appearance  ✔
 Color scheme selection
 Show/hide form progress tracker  ✔
 Show/hide calendar  ✔
 Show/hide blocked timeslots  ✔
 Show each day in one column  ✔
 Each step appearance modification  ✔
 Change the fields titles  ✔
 Change the fields descriptions  ✔
 Tags/shortcodes support
 HTML tags support  ✔
Custom fields  ✔
 Editable text field  ✔
 Text area field  ✔
 Checkbox group field  ✔
 Radio button group field  ✔
 Drop down menu field  ✔
 Requred/not required fields  ✔
 Custom fields arrangement view  ✔
 Custom fields in calendar  ✔
 HTML tags support  ✔
Coupons  ✔
 Setting coupon  ✔
 Setting discount percentage  ✔
 Delete coupons  ✔
Settings  ✔
 Time slot length  ✔
 Minimum time requirement prior to booking  ✔
 Restrict the number of days available for booking  ✔
 Display available time slots in client’s time zone  ✔
 Create WordPress user account for customers  ✔
 Cancel appointment page URL  ✔
 Final step URL  ✔
 Company contact details  ✔
 Company logo  ✔
 Google calendar integration  ✔
 Google calendar 2 way sync  ✔
 Google calendar 1 way sync  ✔
 Limit number of fetched events from Google Calendar  ✔
 Currency selection  ✔
 Enable/disable coupons  ✔
 Payment methods setup  ✔
 Payment on-location  ✔
 PayPal payment method  ✔
 Credit card payments using Authorize.net or Stripe  ✔
 Enable/disable available payment methods  ✔
 Remove payment step from the booking form  ✔
 Company working schedule  ✔
 Holidays calendar  ✔
 Every year reccuring holidays  ✔
 Purchase code  ✔
Adding booking form shortcode  ✔
 Select default value for category field  ✔
 Hide category field  ✔
 Select default value for service field  ✔
 Hide service field  ✔
 Select default value for staff member field  ✔
 Hide staff member field  ✔
 Hide number of persons field  ✔
 Hide “I’m available on …” block  ✔
Add Bookly appointments list  ✔
 Display columns (Category; Service; Staff; Date; Time; Price; Cancel)  ✔
 Display titles  ✔
Service selection step  ✔
 Select category  ✔
 Select service  ✔
 Select staff member  ✔
 Select number of persons  ✔
 Select “I’m available on or after” date  ✔
 Preffered days of week selection  ✔
 Specify preffered time frame  ✔
Time selection step  ✔
 View timeslots table  ✔
 Timeslot selection  ✔
Details step  ✔
 Appointment details confirmation  ✔
 Personal details input (Name, phone and e-mail)  ✔
 Custom fields input  ✔
Payment step  ✔
 Payment method selection  ✔
 Adding coupon code  ✔
Final step  ✔
 Successful booking confirmation  ✔