See what’s new in Bookly 14.3

The latest Bookly 14.3 version introduces new features, updates, and improvements, the majority of which were requested by our customers to make Bookly better. Support for Bookly Waiting list add-on With this add-on, you can add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked. That way, when an appointment becomes available, you can [...]

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Bookly 14.2: new add-on release and minor fixes

During the previous weeks, we’ve been working on fixing some issues that occurred. They included some errors while entering the purchase code. Currently, these problems have been completely fixed. Besides, we've added a support for the new add-on that integrates one of the most used online payment gateways – PayU Latam. This add-on is available [...]

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Bookly Pro: A Trove of New Capabilities

This past fall has been so incredibly productive for us that we’ve decided to make this comprehensive update on what Bookly can do now to help you schedule your client appointments. The main Bookly and Bookly Lite plugins have gotten more powerful and nuanced with each of their regular updates. We’ve also launched five new [...]

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