This past fall has been so incredibly productive for us that we’ve decided to make this comprehensive update on what Bookly can do now to help you schedule your client appointments.

The main Bookly and Bookly Lite plugins have gotten more powerful and nuanced with each of their regular updates. We’ve also launched five new add-ons with very specific features that some of you had been asking us for.

New Capabilities with Add-Ons

Each of your services can now be available at specific hours only. Some of you might have tried using staff’s individual schedules for that (and will have found it extremely difficult as most of you have staff members tied to multiple services and even working different hours). No need for that anymore, with the Service Schedule add-on.

Services can also cost a different amount at different hours during the day now. Even better: the settings will work in combination with the individual staff pricing that you might have set up. All with the Special Hours add-on.

We’ve also worked on ways to help you bundle services and have come up with three solutions that can all be combined at will:

For those clients that like to get several services when they visit your shop, we’ve made it possible to offer time slots that will effectively be a chain of back-to-back appointments made of services in the user’s cart. Each of them can be with a different staff member, and padding times will also be incorporated into the calculation, with the Chain Appointments add-on.

Some of you like to give your clients the option of choosing the length of the appointment for themselves, but there wasn’t really a solution for that yet. The new Multiply Appointments add-on does just that: it lets your clients determine at the first step of booking how many consecutive appointments of the same service they’d like – all for one visit to the shop.

Now, if all of that brings up the price of booking too high, you can accept bookings with partial payments, with the rest due upon arrival for appointment. Try the Deposit Payments add-on.

And for those pre- and post-holiday days when some of you get especially many customers while others wind down for a bit, we’ve prepared a tool that will override your usual working hours for just a few days a year – the Special Days add-on.

Bookly, the Booking & Scheduling Plugin

These past few months, we’ve focused on the crucial details that make your experience using Bookly more efficient and smooth.

For those of you with different prices for each staff member, we’ve made it possible to show the price next to a staff member’s name – right in the dropdown menu where your clients choose a staff member they’d like an appointment with.

Also, coupons can now be tied to specific services. And since there’s no limit on the number of promo codes being active at any given moment, you’ve got unlimited freedom in the scope of promo activities you can conduct using discount coupons.

For a most efficient use of your staff’s time, we’ve implemented a new algorithm that calculates available time slots from now on. You can get into the complex logic here, while the result will be such that more appointments will now fit into each of your staff member’s days, thanks to reduced free windows (too short for a full appointment to fit in, for example). Just update to the latest version and enable the feature in Bookly Settings > General.

Last but not least, you can now get a weekly summary of all text message notifications sent out automatically from your account.

All you’ve got to do to get these features is enter the purchase code that you got from CodeCanyon when you bought the plugin and enter it in Bookly Settings > Purchase Code.